3 Reasons Not to Give Your Child Tips in Competition

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3 Reasons Not to Give Your Child Tips in Competition

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When your son or daughter competes you have a tremendous desire to give him some  tips, calm down, the same thing happens to everybody. I’ll give you 3 reasons why you need to stop doing it. First, because there is surely a coach who is there just for that, and if there is no coach in your kids match, this advice stills because you are your mom or dad, not his coach. Now the second reason is that your son doesn´t agree much of what you say, so if you tell him to do A he will try to make B as a first instinct, summarizing the relationship is going to be tight simply for a game and doesn´t have much sense. The last reason for not giving tips is that kids have to learn alone, from experience, it is a more lasting learning. Never happened to you that you told him five hundred times to put gloves on his hands before taking food from the oven? When did he learn? When they didn´t put them and burned their hands !!!!!! So you know, resist the temptation to tell him what he has to do, he will grow a lot that way!!!


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