Technique vs Mind

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Technique vs Mind

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Technique is usually taught at an early age, when kids are more permeable to change movements and some bad habits, keep in mind that a bad habit is not eliminated, it is changed by a good one. We all hear that praise, How he hits the ball !!, How strong she hits it, or How easy he does it all. I have bad news for those parents who see that their children have a clean technique: that is not enough to stand out in the sport or in the professional academic field. We must also train our heads, adversity, and fight difficult situations. A player with a good mind and bad technique can stand out, a player with excellent technique and weak mind will never reach his full potential, he will always miss something, no matter how well he hits him, in that point that will define the match, is going to fail. Like all activities, the mind is something that can be trained, and it is healthy to do it in parallel with technical training. Finally the technical ability of a sport is not transferable to another, instead a winning mind is. It is an attitude through life.




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