The Top Technique Formula

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The Top Technique Formula

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Appreciating an athlete´s  technical skill is an enjoyable issue. The first thing one think about is: wow, this guy was “born” for that particular sport. He has something in his genes . While there is some  innate ability of some people for certain sports, that´s not enough. The improvement or “perfection” is a by product of practice and repetition. Pete Sampras, former world No. 1 and American tennis player in the 1990s, had one of the best serves on Tour, would say the best in history, a unique match between skill and timing, sometime people would ask him how he does it so easy, as you can figure out, the spectator didn´t see a great effort in the movement. Pete, with tons of humility would  answer them:  You don´t have an idea how I worked to develope this stroke … Pete spent hours serving alone,  putting quarters coins  on the angles of the serve´s square like targets instead of the traditional cones. Summarizing, it´s a simple formula.

Success = Passion + Work



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